Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Wind in the Willows

Toad Hall, Tanglewood, was the site of today's continuation of The Wind in the Willows, sponsored by the Caledon Library and Sir JJ Drinkwater, and held at one of the properties of Mr. Vivito Volare and Miss Fogwoman Gray. As the photograph below shows, Toad Hall is not for the, ah, tall.

The inside is quite luxurious, however.
Sir JJ conducted the festivities.
Miss Gray (left) and Mr. Volare:

Miss ConiAnn Lovefield (left) and Miss Martini Discovolante:

Miss Dagmar Kohime (left) and Dame Kghia Gherardi:

Yours truly listens:

Sir Excalibur Longstaff:

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