Monday, March 30, 2009

Bashful Peacock First Anniversary

The Bashful Peacock held a three-hour dance on Sunday to mark its first anniversary. Although I could attend the last hour only, an impressive number of supporters came out to celebrate.

Our host, Mr. Rudolfo Woodget (left) and Mr. Austin Susanti dance

Duke Otenth Paderborn dancing with Mr. Steadman Kondor

Mr. Jameson Despres and Mr. Jayleden Miles dancing (and matching!)

YHN, with Sundog Silvercloud in the background

Radio Riel DJ Miss Soliel Snook

Miss Caladon Rae, dressed to kill, looks on as Miss Magdalena Kamenev dances

Miss Garnet Psaltery

Miss CronoCloud Creegan

Moi again

Center: Miss Kiralette Kelly and Mr. Podruly Peccable dance; Left: Mr. Sascha Vayandar; Right: Mr. Roy Smashcan

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