Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shhhh - The New Caledonian Navy is Coming

Kathy snuck into the Guvnah's mansion after hours to get a glimpse of the new navy ship prototype.

Moored just outside the mansion, the ship is a handsome ironclad.

Two forward and two aft guns make this a formidable-appearing weapon.

As an added bonus, Kathy encountered a secret of the Guvnah's mansion: the catgirl lair!

Okay, not really. But beneath the mansion lies a chamber that provides access to the rest of the Victoria City tunnel network.

The tunnels allow Lord Primbroke secret access to the Guv's catgirls Lord Primbroke to meet secretly with the Guvnah on important matters of State security, for example.

Naturally, all of this is a State secret of the highest order, and the information must never Fall Into the Wrong Hands.

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