Thursday, March 12, 2009

Steam Forge/Creeve Town

I had read somewhere that Creeve Town had been rebuilt. My recollection was that the steampunk-themed shopping complex operated as Steam Forge some time ago, and I still had some photographs from last July to compare.

I really liked the enormous robot. Shades of 1950s Japanese science fiction movies!
Green energy thingies are also good. The little person in white in the background is Yours Truly, looking very un-steampunk. Then I found UnZipped.

The airship was permanently moored, but created some good ambiance.

After my shopping trip - ready to kick down doors and take names.

Now for the revamped version.
The clock was recycled - see the lower left-hand corner of the first picture.
My continuing quest to be photographed with every bunny on the grid.
Though hard to see in the picture below, a steampunk helicoptor and, in the background, a steamy airship.
Ultimately, the set of sims (FairChang Lost Isle, FairChange Steam Isle, and FairChange Ampere Main) is principally a large steampunk-themed shopping center. (In addition to the steampunk clothing, wings, goggles, and such, the stores sell some goth clothing and some veeeery short skirts. There is a bar - oddly enough, an Irish bar - but the build does not encourage people to spend time for any reason other than shopping.

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