Monday, March 16, 2009

Lagfest 09

On the one hand, I'm no fashionista. On the other hand, I like to buy clothes. Think of me as a 19th century stimulus package. So one might think that the Clothing Fair, which in some vague, not-thoroughly-specified way, benefits RFL, would be wonderful for me.

Ah, but the lag! I hate lag - hate feeling as though I'm walking through a particularly sludgy grade of crude oil on a winter day, hate inducing carpal tunnel syndrome by holding the arrow up key, hate moving forward slowly, only to be jerked back roughly my starting point, hate waiting ages for textures to snap into place (where "snap" is more like the sound made by a piece of cereal well past its sell-by date). Shopping through lag is like shopping when one is very tired. The mere act of moving from Point A to Point B is so difficult that one has no energy remaining for the act of shopping.

I made it through Clothing Fair 6, mainly because I like M'Lady Designs a great deal, and I wanted to find Miss Teaa Demina's booth (and I'm directionally challenged).

I shall now scream. Fortunately, in the Aether, no one can hear you scream.

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