Friday, March 20, 2009

Steeltopia Expands

I hadn't been to Steeltopia in some time, and it turned out the empire had expanded northward. First up was Obsidian Bay, a watery expanse containing a lighthouse...

...and the headquarters of the S.C.S.E., the Steeltopia Consortium of Scientific Endeavors, in a simply massive structure.

The pictures do not do the building justice.

From Obsidian Bay, I flew still further north, to Steeltopia Anchorage. The town lies above an imposing wall:

Although building was still under way, I saw a number of completed structures, including the train station...

...Mr. Ambiant Kukulcan's shop, complete with landing strip on top,...

...and the Margulis' shops: Miss Poppy's on the left, Mr. M's on the right.

The town even has a pretty chapel, where I played the bride for a few moments.

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