Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Light That Shines to the Heavens

Flying over Middlesea's Citadel Island last night,...

...Kathy noticed the beam of light radiating high into the air. (As you may recall, Gentle Reader, the Steamray was last seen, disabled, in a Gorean town. This is a replacement, okay? She argued with the manufacturer about those overheating engines, and he eventually agreed to a good-sized discount on the new aircraft. But the insurance premiums? Let me tell you, don't wreck an aircraft if you don't want a big bite taken out of your retirement accounts.)

Was this a grand opening? Advertising for a new hansom dealership? Abney Park playing a free concert?

Closer inspection revealed: a Relay for Life donation kiosk. Carry on, Lord Middlesea, carry on.

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