Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pearse'd & Cut in Babbage

I'm back (and I'm bad, I'm nationwide, as ZZ Top once sang) from my journey away from Caledon and environs, and I'm cranking up the Aetheric Journal machine again.

One housekeeping note: for anyone interested in the entirety of "Smoking Can Be Deadly," without the tedium of reading in chopped-up blog form, it is in .pdf at Calameo, at this link.

Although my absence prevented me from attending the re-opening of the Babbage Square location of Pearse'd & Cut, I snuck in after hours to take a few pictures.

From the ornately-styled exterior...

...to the marvelous interior, complete with coat of arms on the tiled floor and escalators...

...to the stained-glass cupola and tin ceiling panels...

...the new building is a work of art.

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