Saturday, March 28, 2009

This Way Lies Madness

This weekend marks the second Steam Sky City Easter Egg hunt. Miss Fogwoman Gray has once again placed these treasures in fiendishly difficult places, and provided deliciously unhelpful clues. (Truth be told, some of them were helpful, at least to those who know SSC. But we'll keep that to ourselves, so Miss Gray doesn't make the clues even more obscure next year.)

Kathy and I worked for some hours today, and we don't claim to have found all eighteen eggs. I count ten at the moment, which is a good day's haul.

And no, I won't spoil the fun by posting pictures of locations of eggs. However, here's something that nearly startled us out of our bloomers: a giant chipmunk!

He looks quite menacing, doesn't he?

Of course, in SSC one must be wary of even more dangerous creatures lurking in the depths...

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