Monday, March 9, 2009

Attack in New Babbage

Kathy Jameson here, reporting in Rhianon's absence (as she was called unexpectedly out of town), having seized control of her Journal. As Lord Pimbroke and Baron Wulfenbach and Dr. Mason have chronicled, air pirates attacked New Babbage over the weekend, leaving a number of large devices whose purpose, apparently, was to injure or otherwise interfere with those who have magical powers.

As I have no magical powers whatsoever - well, no supernatural powers, shall we say (*grins evilly*) - I felt I could examine safely the two bombs I encountered in Babbage.

The bombs bear the imprint of Doctor Obolensky, and at least one captured pirate confessed to being in the doctor's employ. Still, it doesn't really seem his style, does it?

I'd like to wish all of those injured in the attack a speedy recovery, and offer the Jameson family motto (or one of them, at least): "Peace through superior firepower."

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