Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Victoria Station

Victoria Station is Herr Mavromichali Szondi's effort to provide a central location for information about Steampunk/Victorian sims and shopping opportunities.

As Herr Szondi's notecard says,
What is Victoria Station and the Undergrid?

Victoria Station is a new way to link the Steampunk Victorian themed sims across the grid. You can get to the station via one of our many Station Entrances located in Victorian Steampunk sims. You do this by clicking the entrance then clicking Teleport when the map appears.

Inside the station is a pleasant area where you can meet people, sit and talk at the café area, and socialise, but it's main purpose is to provide links to destinations like any station in real life.

Here, in Victoria Station, you click the link for the sim you wish to visit and are given a landmark to that sim. It's a convenient place to stop to find Victorian Steampunk sims so you can visit them, but that's not all.

The main purpose is to link to other destinations too. Think of the station as a virtual directory, with all the best of the Victorian period and Steampunk style creators in one place.

Better photos are available at Dr. Fabre's Journal

Below: the Undergrid logo, sadly way out of context.

The concept is a good one, as thematically-connected areas are not necessarily connected physically. The rates to rent wall space seem fairly modest (though I am certainly no expert on the subject). One hopes the end result will be to drive additional traffic through all the areas.

One shop that is new to me that I found through Victoria Station is Yellow Jester, in the Dunwich sim (part of a Lovecraft-themed group of sims - more on that tomorrow!). The shop is more goth than steampunk, though there are some nice spectacles and goggles available. Very Lovecraftian, though - one wants to exclaim, "The horror! The eldritch horror!"

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