Saturday, March 21, 2009

Clan Fraser and the Isle of Skye

Miss Eva Bellambi courageously uprooted herself from Loch Avie to Winterfell...and back to her ancestral castle, Caisteal Teanacadh, on the Isle of Skye (or An t-Eilean Sgitheanach in Gaelic) (apparently, as my Gaelic is a little rusty).

As the little sign on the property reads: "Ancient homeland of Clan Fraser, which is the Clan of Eva Bellambi's paternal grandmother. These lands have just been reclaimed by the Bellambi Clan Chieftainess and she now makes her home here."

As can be seen from these exterior shots, the castle is in magnificent condition, considering its age. (And though it cannot be seen in the picture above, Nessie dwells in the waters off the isle!) Below, a detail of the stunning stained glass windows:

The story is much better told by the lady herself, and I refer the interested reader to her Journal.

I bring up all this because tonight Lady Eva is holding a castle-warming, if "castle" and "warming" together do not constitute an oxymoron. Sadly, I cannot attend, which is why I was skulking around the castle earlier in the evening, camera in hand.

My sincerest wishes for many years of happiness to Lady Eva in her new (old) home!

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Eva Bellambi said...

It was a glorious event! I am glad that you dropped by Skye for a while, but next time I shall hope you join us for a dance or 10. :)